“Gifted children with learning disabilities who are seen as defective, in constant need of remediation, come to view themselves with shame and doubt….But when those closest to them honor their strengths and believe in their ability to fulfill their dreams, they are able to mobilize their will to succeed against all odds.”

Linda Silverman


A twice-exceptional, or 2e, child, is a child who is both gifted and experiences some other form of learning or behavioural difference. So, a 2e child may be both gifted and have dyslexia, or be gifted with adhd, for example. This subsection of the gifted population requires different support than a child who is simply gifted. Some twice-exceptional children are so adept at using their intelligence to mask their weaknesses that they may go undetected for many years.

If you would like some help or direction with working through your child’s twice-exceptionality, including the assurance of a professional who understands how learning disabilities may present in gifted children, then please feel free to contact us.  

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