“The first time I met Kate she made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe to express my feelings and situation at the time. For all of us it can be difficult to discuss particular problems or realisations in our life to the people we know well, let alone strangers or new acquaintances. Kate, I feel, has an incredible gift to allow others a safe space to express themselves freely, and an ability to articulate her speech and observations in a way which is clearly respected and understandable. She has helped me immensely.”

~ M


 “This email is to say a big thank you from both us and the school for such a thorough and comprehensive report.  The  school has told me it is one of the (if not, the) best reports they have received regarding one of their students.  The  recommendations you suggested are already being discussed and supports/ changes being implemented (both at school and home. The person I was talking to at the school said it was obvious that you ‘got’ our son and he had developed a good rapport with you which allowed his abilities to shine through. His teachers are on board too which has made going to school so much more enjoyable for him – he smiles at the beginning and end of each day. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for giving me my happy boy back and providing the support to get our son what he needs.”

 ~ C


“It’s difficult to bottle and sell the journey I have been on. The impact of Dr. Kate Burton on my family has been mind blowing. I started by trusting my mother’s instinct regarding one of my children and their lack of accommodation at school. Kate helped me through the minefield of educational protocols as well as unravelling the mysteries of a mismatch between their capabilities and actual output. Along the path, I found a great deal of new knowledge about myself as a person and as a Mother. I now have both my children in a much better place, both socially and academically, with one child accelerated and another with identified and accommodated dyslexia. Kate has a gift for making all my family members feel comfortable and safe, so that they are open to new ideas and perspectives. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kate Burton as a guide who can help unlock the potential within.”

~ S


“Kate has been an enormous help to our family with her ability to cut through terminology and lingo in order to help us to best advocate for our twice- exceptional daughter. She has been able to truly understand the person she is and what makes her tick. This, in turn has given us the knowledge to appropriately speak with her school to ensure the best outcomes for her overall development. We could not recommend Kate highly enough and we thank you, Kate, for your kind and caring manner.”

 ~ K


“Your seminar allowed our staff to explore the concepts of Gifted & Talented education from a range of perspectives (child, parent, family, school and other vested professions). We were left with some concrete strategies for identifying, and assisting children who are gifted and talented. The resource and contact list you have forwarded is also a valuable tool for our use. Some of the staff have asked if they could have copies of the Power-points… The teachers and assistants alike thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Their enthusiasm for working towards becoming a school which can genuinely help Gifted and Talented children and families is electric in the air.”

~ Rockingham Montessori School


“Kate has compassion for every facet of a child’s education like no other I have seen. She has a heart of gold and a head full of knowledge. Kate has experience and awareness that make her invaluable when it comes to seeing a situation through the eyes of a parent. Kate is a shining light in a surge to ‘educate the educators’, showing them that academic learning is a concentration on not only knowledge but emotional growth & well being, environment and what an individual needs to thrive. She understands the importance of education fitting a child, not a child fitting into education. Her knowledgeable advice on which direction to take and literature to read, and her ongoing support, has not only eased my daughter’s journey, but mine also as a parent. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Kate.”

~ J


“I often find myself wondering how our journey would have gone had I not found you, Kate. My girls and I owe so much of their success (and my sanity) to you and all the wisdom you have shared over the years… Perth is lucky to have you.”

~ C